Types of Assets Can You Trade With Binary Option Trading

In Binary options trading you have access to every type of assets there is available in the financial markets. It is at the same time to find out for yourself what type of assets group you feel best with when trading. The risks are lower than in other forms of trading but the learning experience can be the same. So this offers you the ability to fine tune and focus on what the perfect assets are for you to trade.

It is advisable to keep this amount also small as traders that trade everything tend to lose everything , very fast.

The assets are divided into 4 different groups

  1. Stocks
  2.  Currencies (forex)
  3. Commodities
  4. Indices


Stocks are listed around the entire globe but for binary option trading this is determined by the Binary options brokers, which in general opted to choose for the most common stock exchanges like Europe, the USA, Asia and the Middle East.

Part of the reason for this is that brokers tend to offer stocks in the country where they have offices and are more active. So like for them it is the domestic market and they have better access in offering these stocks to their traders.

There are some stocks thou that all the brokers tend to offer as they a global brands that everyone has a relation with, this google apple, Facebook, amazon, Cisco, Coca Cola and other global brands and banks

As a trader you best follow the example of the brokers and stay with stocks that are closer to home. It will be hard for a European to trade in the stock of a domestic brand of Australia.


The most traded currencies are traded by traders all over the world. There is a difference in trading volume when it comes to the  major and minor Currencies  to the exotic currencies pairs bit in general currencies is globally more traded then stocks.

Everyday offers new trading opportunities for the currencies because of it  volatile nature which at the same time makes it perfect for Binary options trading.

The most common traded currency pares are:



Partly the trading volume depends on where the traders are located as a trader in south Africa will feel more comfortable and has more knowledge about the ZAR then for example a trader in Australia.

The Usd will always be traded as this is the Global Reserve currency and is paired with most other currencies.


Traders that are trading Commodities do not tend to deviate from their patterns and stick to trading those commodities for years. This is in general gold, silver and oil. As a result broker all tend to offer the same commodities on their trading platform. Some offer also agricultural and alternative energy commodities but this is more the exception then the rule.


People are trading indices on binary options Platforms but to a lesser degree then the previous to options.

The Indices are measures of the exchanges where the stocks are traded and also here traders should try to stay close to home with their selection same as the brokers will offer exchanges closer to their main offices. There are same as the larger global brands a few indices that most brokers offer simple because these are the largest ones in the world making sure that all the right information is readily available to the traders.