What are Trading signals?

Trading Signals is detailed information to assist you to decide when to place and manage trades from start to finish. The signals are always related to certain assets and market movements for certain instruments. The hardest part for the traders, and this is the same for beginning traders as well as for the more seasoned traders, is to find those trading opportunities and to take advantage of them.

So Trading signals have been a way for day traders and investors to utilize the knowledge and advice of advanced or professional traders or robots to decide on what to trade and on when to execute trades. For Binary options,. Signals are easier to understand then for forex as the nature of trading binary options is exactly what the name indicates the choice is binary, you either have to buy or sell. The signals do reflect this and the trend I this case will help you make the right choices.

The Binary Options signals will simply tell you when you should enter a trade (entry point) and which direction the market is most likely to move. Unlike signals for forex there is not exit point as for binary options this is the time period you have selected for the option to be traded ( for example 60 seconds trade, or 1 hour option).

So once you have made your decision in following a single you are done and all you can do is wait. For this the signal service will prove itself very quickly. The signals are either good or are rubbish.

Because there is a need for the traders to get good signals there are many companies and professional traders that offer this service to the traders. In addition many brokers have signal service but you have to always take this service on face value as there might be a conflict of interest.

So what do you look for in your trading signal provider?

When choosing a provider and of course you can choose several different providers and put the signals next to each other , meaning that if you work with 3 providers and they have conflicting signals for the same assets you are able to properly AB test which provider is better.

At the same time when they provide more or less the same signal it does provide you with more confidence for that particular signal. Always test the signal services on a demo account, this will allow you to test the provider without putting more money on the line then the subscription to this provider cost. Some providers actually also provide you with a trial period in order for you to test their service.

We suggest you look at the following elements when selecting you provider or providers:

  • Success Rate (how many of the trades are accurate, keep in mind that 50% is not a good rate 😉
  • Details offered with the Signals
  • Delivery Method (you get an email or SMS or straight to your trading platform).
  • Number of Signals Per Day
  • Subscription Price
  • Has trial options

Signals Providers we Recommend


Cost Signals per Day Success Rate Detailed Trial   

$97 Per Month




10 day trial for $10

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$97 Per Month




$7 for 7 days

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 Binary options trading signals

$97 Every 2 Weeks

3-5 Signals Per Day



Free every Monday

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 Binary options pro signals $97 Per Month 2-3 Signals Per Day 73% Yes $14 trial for 14 Days  sign up to signal